Hypnosis For Sleep


Hypnosis For Sleep


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Hypnosis For Sleep

Are you finding it difficult to fall to sleep at night? Are you tossing and turning while the mind keeps spinning? Do you stare up at the ceiling wondering why after an eventful day you can’t just drift to sleep? Those that have no trouble falling asleep will naturally experience four different stages of sleep which are: thinking, fantasy, hypnoidal, and unconscious sleep. This Hypnosis download guides and takes you into all 4 stages. Hypnosis can actually teach a person how to sleep. If you’re ready to experience a deeper relaxation and get the full night of sleep you desire then this is the download for you! Its time to feel better and get your zzz’s.

My talented friend and colleague Leigh Spusta created the wonderful music/sound you hear with your hypnosis downloads. “These recordings produce brainwave entertainment, hemispheric synchronization, and cellular “whole-body” entertainment, resulting in profound relaxation. The proprietary methods include binaural imaging, heterodyne beats, vibro-acoustics and bio-resonant frequencies to deliver dramatic results. The sounds target a low alpha and theta brainwave state that aids in the process of total relaxation.” http://psimatix.com Each song was specifically picked to best accompany the subject matter of the hypnosis session to increase positive results for the listener. Thanks, Kristen Luman

Instructions: Listen to your download before bed at night or when you need to fall asleep.
NEVER LISTEN WHILE DRIVING! Results from hypnosis downloads may differ and are NOT guaranteed.